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T.E.L.L. Software Hungária Kft

[Hungary]TMS alarm monitoring software

Complex, expandable alarm monitoring software. Multi PC version, different modules can run on different PC'S. Modern, reliable and high security modular configuration. System modules: administrator, operator, data manager, saver, remote data display, parameter manager, map generator.[...]


[Hungary]GSM Pager 3

Signalling the PGM outputs of alarm control panels to monitoring station in Contact-ID format Voice call with recordable voice messages (8 x 8sec) to 4 phone numbers SMS sending to 4 phone numbers Independent alarm function Forwarding of incoming SMS messages (balance information of non-subscription type cards, etc.) Firmware update through data call (e.g. switch over GPRS connection from GSM connection) Switching on/off through telephone, status polling, possibility of remote control[...]


[Hungary]GPRS monitoring station system

A complete safety protection signalling device built on GPRS / IP technology High capacity UNIX base server GPRS terminal equipment at a favourable pricing[...]


[Hungary]GSM Adapter Mini

Analogue telephone line simulation to transfer contact ID signals and speech sounds. Handling wired telephone lines (PSTN), in case of its ceasure altering to GSM line simulation Generating SMS message from the Contact ID codes of monitoring station reports (alarm, opening, closing…) Automatic dial of pre-set telephone number as a result of picking up the line (emergency call function) Bell 103 / V.21 digital data communication, the alarm system will be programmable through GSM data call[...]